Browsing the endless web we have compiled a selection of the 20 best fashion blogs worldwide where you can find inspiration to create your own looks.

1.  The Blonde Salad , Chiara Ferragni 

The Italian most it of the moment has made its website a great business,  The Blonde Salad reports millions of euros a year to this young blogger who began describing her style and has ended up being the image of great brands like Pantene and has even launched Design some capsule collection. The key to your success? its eclectic style, fun, modern and full of color. 

2.  Sincerely Jules ,  Julie Sariñana

Julie started her blog in 2009, since then she has worked for numerous publications, Glamor, Elle, Teen Vogue … She has also launched a store on her website where you can buy her designs and create your style from Julie.

3. Tuula Vintage , Jessica Stein    

Jessica shows us her outfits during the incredible trips she makes around the world. In Tuula Vintage we will find a travel and fashion guide in equal measure. Do not miss the photos of the wonderful places you visit.

4. The Man Repeller , Leandre Medine  

Humor, fashion, television and much more you can find in The Man Repeller . This space is one of the most complete on the web in terms of trends. Visit his page to find out everything about it .

5. Lovely Pepa , Alexandra Pereira   

Alexandra is one of the most famous and relevant national bloggers worldwide. With Lovely Pepa has managed to make a place in the world of fashion and in the main front-row of the most important parades. 

6. Song of Style , Aimee Song

Aimee writes in her blog about fashion, travel and interior design. On its website we will find ideal places to visit and elegant fashion proposals. He also has a successful YouTube channel where he gives advice.

7. , Gala González

Gala is an off-road woman as well as a blogger, DJ and designer. He began in fashion from a young age by the hand of his uncle, the famous designer Adolfo Domínguez. From Amlul , Gala offers us a very personal vision of the latest trends in the world of fashion.

8. Mariannan , Marianna Mäkelä  

Marianna presents a blog with fashion and street style proposals captured by herself. Go to Mariannan to see her fashion proposals, but the blog is in Finnish, so most likely you just look at the photos …

9. Maffashion , Juliett Kuczynska

Juliett presents a street fashion style with attention to detail. Maffashion is written in Polish, but do not hesitate to enter to see the combinations of your outfits .

10. Style Scrapbook , Andy Torres  

Andy, a Mexican by birth, moved to Amsterdam where he began writing about fashion in Style Scrapbook. Since he began his adventure as a blogger he has collaborated with major media such as Glamor or Cosmopolitan TV. He has also worked for important internationally renowned brands, including MANGO and Kipling.

11. The Sartorialist , Scott Schuman  

Scott captures the most striking and elegant street looks with those found on the street. This photographer has worked for important publications such as GQ, Vogue Italia or Vogue Paris and has collaborated with brands of relevance of DKNY, Nespresso and Gant. Head over to his blog to see what styles this talented photographer is in different parts of the world.

12. Gary Pepper Girl , Nicole Warne    

This blogger founded her first company with only 20 years old. Nicole’s blog, Gary Pepper Girl , has been increasing her traffic since it opened in 2009, she even gave rise to this blogger to the creation of her own brand Gary Pepper.

13. Hanneli , Hanneli Mustaparta   

Hanneli began her career in the fashion world as a model, but soon decided that she wanted to pursue styling. A year after opening his blog he received a call from Vogue to propose to work as a photographer in his print and online edition. Since then it has become one of the most relevant influencer on the landscape.

14. Garance Doré , Garancé Doré

Garancé started his web journey in 2006 to show his illustrations to the world. Since then his blog has grown to become one of the most influential spaces in terms of fashion.

15. The Glamourai , Kelly Framel   

In The Glamurai , Kelly writes about fashion, style, travel, news related to the fashion world, etc. On its website you will find tips, beauty tutorials, ideas for outfits, DIY and the impressive photos of your trips.

16. Fashion Toast , Rumy Neely   

Enter Rumy’s blog to see the interesting stylistic proposals of this blogger . Something curious in your blog? It has a section dedicated entirely to questions from readers that she answers regularly.  

17. The Wall , Elin Kling

Elin started his blog, after a very good reception he moved from Sweden to New York to continue developing his profession as a fashion blogger and influencer . After collaborating with internationally renowned firms, he launched into design and created his own brand: Totéme. 

18. Zanita Studio , Zanita Whittington   

Zanita began her career in the fashion world in Australia working as a model. The founder of Zanita Studio launched her website in 2006, created a space where her style could be shaped and thus help anyone who wanted to learn new fashion concepts. 

19. A pair & A Spare , Geneva Vanderzeil   

A pair & A Spare was born with the intention of selling DIY projects made by Geneva and as his diary. The web grew until it became one of the most influential spaces in terms of fashion and trends. Geneva has collaborated with important publications and brands and has published a book based on its blog.

20. Fashion Vibe , Zina Charkoplia   

Zina leads her successful blog, Fashion Vibe , from Barcelona where she captures the European trends that she later captures in her posts. On its website we can see a careful and elegant style with some more risky garment.